1. Check the denim styles and designs we are currently offering in our shop
  2. You can select several styles together
  3. Once selected, please check the requirements, conditions and all the aspects of the denim you want us to make for you
  4. Once the deposit fee is paid, we will contact you to confirm your requirements and to ask you more about your project
  5. You will receive, in the confort of your home, your bespoke sample
  6. You can check your sample, accept it as it is or ask for changes and more options (additional fees can be added and delivery scheduled may be changed)
  7. Once all ok for you and for us, your will received your final order and invoice
  8. If you accept the invoice, we will launch the production of your bespoke products
  9. When the production is ready, you will receive your order at the delivery adress of your choice

HOW MUCH TIME IT TAKES ? Lead Time production

  • 9 weeks from the final validation to the end production (may vary)

Lead Time for Samples

  • Prototypes (Initial development): 3 weeks
  • Adjusted Samples: 2 weeks (if needed)
  • Salesman Samples: 2 weeks (if needed)

Production Time

  • 4 weeks from final validation


  • 4 weeks by boat (may vary)
  • 1 - 2 weeks by air (may vary additional fee)


  • OPTION 1: 150pcs per style and color
  • OPTION 2: 300pcs per style and color
  • OPTION 3 : Bespoke QT - if you choose this option we will contact you


  • The Designs are made from our offices in Switzerland. We are in close relationship with our factory located in Pakistan. Our factory is a leader in the Denim and cut & sew production and we have more than 20 years of experience in the denim industry
  • Our key resources are our quality and workmanship. We can provide a hudge variety of denim quality, weight and finishes. All guaranty Eco friendly material
  • All the orders are made in-house and nothing is outsourced
  • We are working with brands such as : Xray, Inditex, Kill Tec, Fashion LinQ
  • All denim wash, finish and luandry are made in-house
  • By integrating manufacturing and laundry processes (all under the same roof), we increase supervision and control over the whole process; guaranteeing the desired final product
  • By having our own laundry for garment dyeing and denim washes, we control our product by vertically integrating most of the production steps in the chain, reflected in a more asserted product matching each customer´s particular needs

  • We comply with international standards to color fastness to light, water, and dye transfer

  • All our chemicals and colorants used come from a certified supplier that are aligned to our sustainable and green practices