Our Story

WHITE LABEL DENIM was born in Geneva, Switzerland in the year 2017, by two young entrepreneurs; who have over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. 

WHITE LABEL DENIM was created to offer outstanding denim quality that is sustainable for an affordable price. Over the years we have fostered strong relationships in the industry with our suppliers, clients, and colleagues.

Headquartered in Geneva we have been able to keep an eye on the latest European denim trends. We take pride in our Swiss quality control and efficient customer service to provide experiences tailored to our clients needs. Our denim facility is a leader in the industry.

A family business, with a close relationship, is our strength.


Message from our CEO :

Access to quality shouldn’t be a matter of price anymore … But connectivity

It is only together that we can achieve more during these evolutionary times with a more ethical product and sustainable approach to finishing fabrics.

Our denim facility ensure that our products are 100 percent compliant with international human-rights and wage standards. 


Made with love in Switzerland